Safety comes first at NoDak Oilfield Services. We firmly believe our greatest asset is our employees because ultimately, it’s the “boots on the ground that puts the product in place.” We try to instill a safety “state of mind” in our work force by starting every Monday with a weekly safety meeting. We use this time to make our work force aware of safety matters, try to educate on topics regarding safety and address current conditions or recent happenings.

We stress that the work done in the field or in the shop be done with safety first, quality second and speed third. We feel the key to being the best and most competitive at what we do is improving on all three of these fronts continuously.

NoDak Oilfield Services starts with trying to find the most qualified professional individuals to make up our work force. We then build on that and constantly strive to train and grow the abilities of the individuals while promoting a team effort. Watching out for one another is stressed as is team work in our work place. We also stress being aware of the surroundings and having respect for the other trades and workers encountered in the field.

Safety is a value that returns dividends. It keeps your work force healthy, happy and secure. At the end of the day, each individual should be going home in the same condition as they came to work. Safety keeps our work force working and production rolling. In the long run, taking short cuts with safety is not worth the little time saved. If you examine the potential for lost time and wages as well as lost production and expenses from dealing with injuries, then it’s clear that working safe pays off.

At NoDak Oilfield Services we always put safety first as not only is it the right thing to do but also because we value the people who make up our work force. We have assembled a great team of coworkers and we want to see them stay healthy and prosper as our business grows. At NoDak Oilfield Services we firmly believe in and try to approach every work day with the motto "work safe, work smart, work hard, go home.”